mandag 29. oktober 2012

Theocracy - As The World Bleeds - 2011

Band: Theocracy
Album: As The World Bleeds
Country: USA

Release date: November 21, 2011
Label: Ulterium Records
Genre: Progressive power metal
Existed since: 2002


3 bands pops into mind while listening to this album, Symphony X, early Dream Theater and Angra. 2 guitarists overlapping each other w good riffs n great solos, but its still vocalist Matt Smith that shines on this record, giving us memorable vocal lines. Highly Recommended.

Album musicians:
Matt Smith - vocals, guitar, keyboards, orchestration
Shawn Benson - drums
Jonathan "Jon" Hinds - guitar
Val Allen Wood - guitar
Jared Oldham - bass

  1. I Am
  2. The Master Storyteller
  3. Nailed
  4. Hide In The Fairytale
  5. The Gift Of Music
  6. 30 Pieces Of Silver
  7. Drown
  8. Altar To The Unknown God
  9. Light Of The World
  10. As the World Bleeds

Previous records:
Theocracy, 2003
Mirror Of Souls, 2008

Whitechapel - Whitechapel - 2012

Band: Whitechapel
Album: Whitechapel
Country: USA

Release date: June 19, 2012
Label: Metal Blade Records
Genre: Deathcore
Existed since: 2006


A fast-pacing hard-hitting album w good melodies. Unlike other deathcore bands i listen to there rnt that many soft passages on the album. I rly like the harsh vocal of Phil Bozeman, as he contributes much to the sound of the band. N w 3 guitars this is definitely a guitar based album w some rly good guitar riffs n solos.

Album musicians:
Phil Bozeman - vocals
Alex Wade - guitar
Ben Savage - guitar
Gabe Crisp - bass
Zach Householder - guitar
Ben Harclerode - drums

  1. Make It Bleed
  2. Hate Creation
  3. (Cult)uralist
  4. I, Dementia
  5. Section 8
  6. Faces
  7. Dead Silence
  8. The Night Remains
  9. Devoid
  10. Possibilities Of An Impossible Existence

Previous records:
The Somatic Defilement, 2007
This Is Exile, 2008
A New Era Of Corruption, 2010
Recorrupted(EP), 2011