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Subsignal - Touchstones - 2011

Band: Subsignal
Album: Touchstones
Country: Germany

Release date: October 4, 2011
Label: Goldencore Records
Genre: Progressive Metal
Existed since: 2007


This is the collaboration between musicians from Dreamscape n Sieges Even. I have yet to go through the Sieges Even discography, though i have listened to their "The Art Of Navigating By The Stars" a couple of times. Dreamscape on the other hand have released some killer albums, like their 2007 classic "5th Season".
This album is their second release, n i would say the music is a bit softer than what im used to from Dreamscape, but the melodies here r rly good n progressive. Vocalist Arno Menses contributes a lot to the bands sound, with his distinct voice. All in all a rly good record w many highlights.
They will release a new full-length next year.


Album musicians:
Arno Menses - vocals, keyboards
Markus Steffen - guitars
David Bertok - keyboards
Ralf Schwager - bass
Danilo Batdorf - drums

  1. Feeding Utopia
  2. My Sanctuary
  3. Echoes In Eternity
  4. The Size Of Light On Earth
  5. As Dreams Are Made On
  6. Wingless
  7. Finisterre
  8. The Essence Called Mind
  9. The Lifespan Of A Glimpse
  10. Embers Part 1: Your Secret Is Safe With Me
  11. Touchstones
  12. Con Todas Las Palabras

Previous records:
Beautiful & Monstrous, 2009

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