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Fenn O'Berg - In Hell - 2012

Band: Fenn O`Berg
Album: In Hell
Country: USA, Switzerland, UK

Release date: April 10, 2012
Label: Editions Mego
Genre: Noise, Ambient, Musicque Concrete, Improvisation, Instrumental
Existed since: 1999

Bjørn's Review:
Latest Album from Electronica Innovatores Christian Fennesz, Peter "Pita" Rehberg and Jim
O`Rourke. Definitely Not for every taste, sounds a bit like a bad trip on acid. They should have their own religion each and everyone in this band :)

Album musicians:
Jim O'Rourke - electronics
Christian Fennesz - electronics
Peter Rehberg - electronics

  1. Christian Rocks (20 Nov 2010, Oita, Beppu Tower Hall)
  2. Vampires Of Hondori (19 Nov 2010, Hiroshima, Club Quatro)
  3. Omuta Elegy (21 Nov 2010, Fukuoka, Omuta Fuji)
  4. Concrete Onions (24 Nov 2010, Kyoto, Club Metro)
  5. It Came From Nagoya (22 Nov 2010, Nagoya, Club Quatro)

Previous records:
The Magic Sound of Fenn O'Berg, 1999
The Return of Fenn O'Berg, 2002
In Stereo, 2010

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