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Noxagt - The Iron Point - 2004

Band: Noxagt
Album: The Iron Point
Country: Norway

Release date: June 23, 2004
Label: Load Records
Genre: Noise rock, Instrumental
Existed since: 1999


Exprimental noise rock w a dirty sound. The music is somewhat hypnotic w Ergas fuzzy viola on top.
Im a bit unsure if they r still active, but they did held a concert in april this year. The members r also active in other bands/projects such as Hellfire and Ultralyd.

Album musicians:
Kjetil D. Brandsdal - bass, baritone guitar
Nils Erga - viola, violin, piano
Jan Christian L. Kyvik - drums, percussion

Guest musician:
Hagbard Heien - vocal

  1. Naked In France
  2. Blood Thing
  3. Acasta Gneiss
  4. The Hebbex
  5. A Blast From The Past
  6. Thurmaston
  7. Svartevatn
  8. Regions Of May

Album releases:
Turning It Down Since 2001, 2003
w/ Ultralyd: Firebird/The Smell Of Incest (split lp), 2006
Noxagt, 2006

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