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Kamelot - Silverthorn - 2012

Band: Kamelot
Album: Silverthorn
Country: USA/Sweden

Release date: October 26, 2012
Label: SPV
Genre: Progressive metal, Symphonic metal, Goth metal, Power metal
Existed since: 1991


After the depature of Kamelot's previous vocalist Roy Khan, they have found his replacement in another great prog metal singer, Tommy Karevik of swedish prog metal band 7th Wonder. They also got 2 guest female vocalists on this album, Elize Ryd of Amaranthe singing the clean vocal and Alissa White-gluz of The Agonist doing the harsh vocal.
The album begins w an symphonic intro w female choir, be4 their first song Sacrimony kicks in. the opening of this song, when Karevik begins to sing, is so Arena. just listen to Arena's The Great Escape from their lastest album. Apart from that the album is all Kamelot. Great melodies n musicianship. The production follow their previous record, Poetry For The Poisoned, 2010.
Songwriter Youngblood works w the vocalist when he lay the fundaments for the songs, so i guess Karevik got the honor now:) Much of the vocal line n sound rly resembles Khan singing, but he truly got his own singing style that shines through. Recommended.

Album musicians:
Thomas Youngblood - guitar
Casey Grillo - drums
Oliver Palotai - keyboards
Sean Tibbetts - bass
Tommy Karevik - vocal

Guest musicians:
Elize Ryd - female vocals
Alissa White-Gluz - harsh vocals
Sascha Paeth - guitars
Miro - keyboards

  1. Manus Dei
  2. Sacrimony (Angels Of Afterlife)
  3. Ashes To Ashes
  4. Torn
  5. Song For Jolee
  6. Veritas
  7. My Confession
  8. Silverthorn
  9. Falling Like The Fahrenheit
  10. Solitaire
  11. Prodigal Son
    • Part 1: Funeral
      Part 2: Burden Of Shame(The Branding)
      Part 3: The Journey
  12. Continuum

Previous albums:
Eternity, 1995
Dominion, 1997
Siège Perilous, 1998
The Fourth Legacy, 1999
Karma, 2001
Epica, 2003
The Black Halo, 2005
Ghost Opera, 2007
Poetry For The Poisoned, 2010

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