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Gazpacho - March Of Ghosts - 2012

Band: Gazpacho
Album: March Of Ghosts
Country: Norway

Release date: March 12, 2012
Label: KScope
Genre: Art Rock, Neo-progressive, Crossover prog, Atmospheric rock
Existed since: 1996


Prog rockers Gazpacho released their 7th full-length spring this year. This is atmospheric music, w Ohme's calm voice giving the band a distinctive sound.
their 2009 release Tick Tock, was self-released, but now they have connected to the KScope label that have bands like Porcupine Tree, The Pineapple Thief n Anekdoten in their stall.

Album musicians:
Jan-Henrik Ohme-vocals
Jon-Arne Vilbo-guitars
Thomas Andersen-keyboards, programming
Lars Erik Asp-drums
Kristian Torp-bass
Mikael Krømer-violin, mandolin

  1. Monuments
  2. Hell Freezes Over I
  3. Hell Freezes Over II
  4. Black Lily
  5. Gold Star
  6. Hell Freezes Over III
  7. Mary Celeste
  8. What Did I Do?
  9. Golem
  10. The Dumb
  11. Hell Freezes Over IV

Previous records:
Bravo, 2003
When Earth Lets Go, 2004
Firebird, 2005
Night, 2007
Tick Tock, 2009
Missa Atropos, 2010

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