fredag 23. november 2012

Birchville Cat Motel - Birds Call Home Their Dead - 2007

Band: Birchville Cat Motel
Album: Birds Call Home Their Dead, limited edition.
Country: New Zealand

Release date: 2007
Label: Celebrate Psi Phenomenon
Genre: Drone, Electronic, Metal, Noise, Experimental, Music Concrete, Instrumental
Existed since: 1995


Bjørn's review:
The same stuff as allways. Brilliant, u cant go wrong. Ordinary people stay away. Stay clear.

Campbell Kneale - electronics

Guest performers:
Dianna Thomson-Kneale - performer, electric sander
Neil Campbell - performer, flanging, flutter, wow
Bex Coogan - performer, Srceaming Wings Of Vengeance

  1. Birds Call Home Their Dead
  2. Kissing Dragon
  3. Her Anger Is Limitless

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