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Whitechapel - Whitechapel - 2012

Band: Whitechapel
Album: Whitechapel
Country: USA

Release date: June 19, 2012
Label: Metal Blade Records
Genre: Deathcore
Existed since: 2006


A fast-pacing hard-hitting album w good melodies. Unlike other deathcore bands i listen to there rnt that many soft passages on the album. I rly like the harsh vocal of Phil Bozeman, as he contributes much to the sound of the band. N w 3 guitars this is definitely a guitar based album w some rly good guitar riffs n solos.

Album musicians:
Phil Bozeman - vocals
Alex Wade - guitar
Ben Savage - guitar
Gabe Crisp - bass
Zach Householder - guitar
Ben Harclerode - drums

  1. Make It Bleed
  2. Hate Creation
  3. (Cult)uralist
  4. I, Dementia
  5. Section 8
  6. Faces
  7. Dead Silence
  8. The Night Remains
  9. Devoid
  10. Possibilities Of An Impossible Existence

Previous records:
The Somatic Defilement, 2007
This Is Exile, 2008
A New Era Of Corruption, 2010
Recorrupted(EP), 2011

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