søndag 9. september 2012

Psycroptic - The Inherited Repression - 2012

Band: Psycroptic
Album: The Inherited Repression
Country: Australia

Release date: February 7, 2012
Label: Nuclear Blast
Genre: Technical Death Metal
Existed since: 1999


Another good Australian band. Techdeathers Psycroptic gives us tight songs w Jason Peppiatt delivering great harsh vocal. The music drives forward w brothers Haley on guitar n drums. All tracks is of high quality, but as a negative, i would say there r not enough variety on this album. Still highly recommend for those who like technical metal w a unique sound.

Album musicians:
David Haley - drums
Joe Haley - guitar
Cameron Grant - bass
Jason Peppiatt - vocals

  1. Carriers Of The Plague
  2. Forward To Submission
  3. Euphorinasia
  4. The Throne Of Kings
  5. Unmasking The Traitors
  6. Become The Cult
  7. From Scribe To Ashes
  8. Deprivation
  9. The Sleepers Have Awoken

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