lørdag 29. september 2012

Glass Cloud - The Royal Thousand - 2012

Band: Glass Cloud
Album: The Royal Thousand
Country: USA

Release date: July 10, 2012
Label: Self-release / Lambesis Studios
Genre: Metalcore
Existed since: 2011


New metalcore act Glass Cloud released their debut this summer. The songs r a mix between hard, energized passages w harsh vocal n calmer, clear voice passages, often supplemented w choir, which i think suits the music well. A good debut, worth checking out.

Album musicians:
Jerry Roush - vocals
Joshua Travis – guitar
Travis Sykes – bass, backing vocals
Chad Hasty – drums

  1. White Flag
  2. If He Dies, He Dies
  3. Falling Style
  4. Ivy & Wine
  5. Prelude For A Ghost
  6. All Along
  7. She Is Well And Nothing Can Be Ill
  8. Counting Sheep
  9. Memorandum
  10. From May to Now

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