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Giant Squid - Metridium Fields - 2006

Band: Giant Squid
Album: Metridium Fields
Country: USA

Release date: August 22, 2006
Label: Translation Loss Records
Genre: Progressive Rock/Metal, Post Metal, Sludge Metal
Existed since: 2002


Began listening to this band w their most recent full-length, The Ichthyologist, 2009, which was excellent.
This is a re-recorded version of their self-released debut album Metridium Field, 2004.
The slow, dirty melodies with Aaron Gregorys voice w the choir n the harsh vocal on top is pure enjoyment.

Album musicians:
Aurielle Gregory - vocals, guitar, banjo, Juno 106, Prophet 600, Moog Opus
Aaron Gregory - vocals, guitar, banjo, theremin
Bryan Beeson - bass
Michael Conroy - drums
Tim Conroy - trumpet

  1. Megaptera In The Delta
  2. Neonate
  3. Versus The Siren
  4. Ampullae Of Lorenzini
  5. Summit
  6. Eating Machine
  7. Revolution In The Water
  8. Metridium Field

Released records:
  • Monster In The Creek(ep), 2005
  • The Ichthyologist, 2009
  • Cenotes(ep), 2011

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