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Arena - The Seventh Degree Of Separation - 2011

Band: Arena
Album: The Seventh Degree Of Separation
Country: UK

Release date: November 28, 2011
Label: Verglas Music
Genre: Neoprogressive Rock, Progressive Hard Rock
Existed since: 1995


Super prog group Arena released their latest last year. The members comes from bands such as Pendragon, IQ and Marillion. They display as allways great songwriting and good production. Newcomer in the band, vocalist Paul Manzi, has a voice that suits the band perfectly.

Album musicians:
Clive Nolan - keyboards
Mick Pointer - drums
John Mitchell - guitars
John Jowitt - bass
Paul Manzi - vocals

  1. The Great Escape
  2. Rapture
  3. One Last Au Revoir
  4. The Ghost Walks
  5. Thief Of Souls
  6. Close Your Eyes
  7. Echoes Of The Fall
  8. Bed Of Nails
  9. What If?
  10. Trebuchet
  11. Burning Down
  12. Catching The Bullet

Previous records:
Songs From The Lions Cage, 1995
The Edits(ep), 1996
Pride, 1996
The Visitor, 1998
Immortal?, 2000
Contagion, 2003
Contagious(EP), 2003
Contagium(ep), 2004
Pepper's Ghost, 2005

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