lørdag 29. september 2012

Glass Cloud - The Royal Thousand - 2012

Band: Glass Cloud
Album: The Royal Thousand
Country: USA

Release date: July 10, 2012
Label: Self-release / Lambesis Studios
Genre: Metalcore
Existed since: 2011


New metalcore act Glass Cloud released their debut this summer. The songs r a mix between hard, energized passages w harsh vocal n calmer, clear voice passages, often supplemented w choir, which i think suits the music well. A good debut, worth checking out.

Album musicians:
Jerry Roush - vocals
Joshua Travis – guitar
Travis Sykes – bass, backing vocals
Chad Hasty – drums

  1. White Flag
  2. If He Dies, He Dies
  3. Falling Style
  4. Ivy & Wine
  5. Prelude For A Ghost
  6. All Along
  7. She Is Well And Nothing Can Be Ill
  8. Counting Sheep
  9. Memorandum
  10. From May to Now

fredag 28. september 2012

Blotted Science - The Animation Of Entomology - 2011

Band: Blotted Science
Album: The Animation Of Entomology (ep)
Country: USA

Release date: October 4, 2011
Genre: Jazz Metal fusion, Instrumental
Existed since: 2005

I rly love the intricate melodies Blotted Science produce. Unlike many other jazz/metal fusion band ive heard, they got heavy deathmetal influences in their sound. All members r top-notch on their respective instruments. Highly recommended for all jazzmetall fans, also check out their excellent 2007 debut.

Album musicians:
  • Alex Webster - bass
  • Ron Jarzombek - guitars
  • Hannes Grossmann - drums

  1. Ingesting Blattaria
  2. Cretaceous Chasm
  3. Vermicular Asphyxiation
  4. A Sting Operation
    1. Human Barbequed
    2. Cessation Sanitation
    3. Seeing Dead People
    4. Omitting Eyes

Previous records:
The Machinations Of Dementia, 2007

Related bands:
Spastic Ink
Cannibal Corpse

torsdag 27. september 2012

Intervals - The Space Between - 2011

Band: Intervals
Album: The Space Between
Country: Canada

Release date: December 20, 2011
Label: self-release
Genre: Progressive Metal, Instrumental
Existed since: 2011


I rly like the harsh sound of this band. The songs r composed by guitarist Aaron Marshall, n he got Jeff Loomis' live drummer Anup Sastry w him. Musically i think this goes towards solo-guitar albums n jazz-metal, wout the jazz. First couple of times i listened to this album, i missed a vocalist, but he do got a good guitar voice. Still, i think a vocalist ala Russel Allen or a mixed harsh/clean vocalist could elevate the music.
They r releasing a ep next month, which i rly looking forward to.

Album musicians:
  • Aaron Marshall - guitar
  • Lukas Guyader - guitar
  • Anup Sastry - drums
  • Matt De Luca - bass

  1. Begin
  2. Still Winning
  3. Duality
  4. Sonar
  5. Inertia

Listen to full album here

tirsdag 25. september 2012

To-Mera - Exile - 2012

Band: To-Mera
Album: Exile
Country: UK

Release date: September 24, 2012
Label: Self-release
Genre: Progressive metal
Existed since: 2005


Its been 4 years since their excellent Delusions, n i guess they've been busy. Both w this album, the ep, MacLean n Henshall's other band, Haken, n other projects.
It's absolutely the familiar To-Mera sound, w Julie Kiss Beautiful voice over a progressive landscape. I think its both softer n harder than their previous releases. They use more elements from symphonic/classical, but also some passages going more melodic death. U obviously hear Haken in the music, but its never overwhelming.

Album musicians:
  • Julie Kiss - vocals
  • Tom MacLean - guitar
  • Paul Westwood - drums
  • Mark Harrington - bass
  • Richard "Hen" Henshall - keyboards

Guest musicians:
  • Marcela Bovio
  • Stephan Forté
  • Ray Hearne

  1. Inviting The Storm
  2. Illusionist
  3. The Descent
  4. Deep Inside
  5. Broken
  6. End Game
  7. Surrender
  8. All I Am

Previous records:
  • Transcendental, 2006
  • Blood(ep), 2006
  • Delusions, 2008 
  • Earthbound(ep), 2009

Listen to full album here

søndag 23. september 2012

Rotting Christ - Aealo - 2010

Band: Rotting Christ
Album: Aealo
Country: Greece

Release date: February 15, 2010
Label: Season Of Mist
Genre: Melodic Black Metal
Existed since: 1987


Greek veterans Rotting Christ latest record starts w wildly womens voices be4 the band kicks in. This is tight, well-produced black metal w folkish elements n traditional instruments blended in the music.

Highly Recommended

Album musicians:
Sakis "Necromayhem" Tolis - vocals, guitars
Themis "Necrosauron" Tolis - drums
Andreas Lagios - bass
George Bokos - guitars

Guest musicians:
Alan "Nemtheanga" Averill - vocals
Diamanda Galas - vocals
George "Magus Wampyr Daoloth" Zaharopoulos - vocals

  1. Aealo
  2. Eon Aenaos
  3. Demonon Vrosis
  4. Noctis Era
  5. Dub-Sag-Ta-Ke
  6. Fire, Death And Fear
  7. Nekron Lahes...
  8. ...Pir Threontai
  9. Thou Art Lord
  10. Santa Muerte
  11. Orders From The Dead(Diamanda Galas cover)

Previous records:
Passage To Arcturo(ep), 1991
Rotting Christ/Monumentum(ep), 1991
Dawn Of The Iconoclast(ep), 1992
Thy Mighty Contract, 1993
Αποκαθήλωσις(ep), 1993
Non Serviam , 1994
Satanas Tedeum(ep), 1994
Triarchy Of The Lost Lovers, 1996
A Dead Poem , 1997
The Mystical Meeting(ep), 1997
Sleep Of The Angels, 1999
Khronos , 2000
Genesis , 2002
Sanctus Diavolos , 2004
Theogonia, 2007

lørdag 22. september 2012

Between The Buried And Me - Parallax II: Future Sequences - 2012

Band: Between The Buried And Me
Album: Parallax II: Future Sequence
Country: USA

Release date: October 9, 2012
Label: Metal Blade
Genre: Progressive Metal, Metalcore, Fusion metal
Existed since: 2000


BTBAM is back w their 6. full-length, the second installation in their parallax concept, which started w last years ep, Parallax 1: Hypersleep Dialogues. The album stretches over 70 minutes and contains mostly of 4 songs which clocks in on 10+ each. Between these long songs u find shorter gems.
This album got the typical BTBAM sound. Both the harsh section, the softer n all in between works great, the transitionts feels smooth.
It is a lot to digest here, so if ur not familiar w this band u need to spin this at least 10 times be4 u get the hang of it;) From what ive heard, i will think this would go into my top 10 at the end of year. Their sound is so unique n it rly feels like they r pushing themselves. Highly recommended.

Album musicians:
Tommy Rogers - keyboards, vocals
Paul Waggoner - guitars
Dustie "Dustball" Waring - guitars
Blake Richardson - drums
Dan Briggs - bass

  1. Goodbye To Evertything
  2. Astral Body
  3. Lay Your Ghosts To Rest
  4. Autumn
  5. Extremophile Elite
  6. Parallax
  7. The Black Box
  8. Telos
  9. Bloom
  10. Melting City
  11. Silent Flight Parliament
  12. Goodbye To Everything Reprise

Previous records:
Between The Buried And Me, 2002
The Silent Circus , 2003
Alaska, 2005
Colors, 2007
The Great Misdirect, 2009
The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues(ep), 2011

fredag 21. september 2012

Arena - The Seventh Degree Of Separation - 2011

Band: Arena
Album: The Seventh Degree Of Separation
Country: UK

Release date: November 28, 2011
Label: Verglas Music
Genre: Neoprogressive Rock, Progressive Hard Rock
Existed since: 1995


Super prog group Arena released their latest last year. The members comes from bands such as Pendragon, IQ and Marillion. They display as allways great songwriting and good production. Newcomer in the band, vocalist Paul Manzi, has a voice that suits the band perfectly.

Album musicians:
Clive Nolan - keyboards
Mick Pointer - drums
John Mitchell - guitars
John Jowitt - bass
Paul Manzi - vocals

  1. The Great Escape
  2. Rapture
  3. One Last Au Revoir
  4. The Ghost Walks
  5. Thief Of Souls
  6. Close Your Eyes
  7. Echoes Of The Fall
  8. Bed Of Nails
  9. What If?
  10. Trebuchet
  11. Burning Down
  12. Catching The Bullet

Previous records:
Songs From The Lions Cage, 1995
The Edits(ep), 1996
Pride, 1996
The Visitor, 1998
Immortal?, 2000
Contagion, 2003
Contagious(EP), 2003
Contagium(ep), 2004
Pepper's Ghost, 2005

torsdag 20. september 2012

Skyharbor - Blinding White Noise: Illusion & Chaos - 2012

Band: Skyharbor
Album: Blinding White Noise: Illusion & Chaos
Country: India

Release date: April 23, 2012
Label: Basick Records
Genre: Progressive Metal, Math Metal, Djent
Existed since: 2012


This is my first meeting w the indian metal scene, n what a greeting. First disc is a great showcase of ambient prog metal, w ex-Tesseract Dan Tompkins great voice leading. good melodies throughout. disc 2 got a more aggresive tone, w indian harsh vocalist sunneith Revankar.

Album musicians:
Keshav Dhar - guitar
Anup Sastry - drums
Nikhil Rufus - bass

Guest musicians:
Dan Tompkins - vocals
Marty Friedman - guitar
Vishal J. Singh - guitar
Sunneith Revankar - vocals


Disc 1
  1. Illusion: Dots
  2. Illusion: Order 66
  3. Illusion: Catharsis
  4. Illusion: Night
  5. Illusion: Aurora
  6. Illusion: Celestial
  7. Illusion: Maeva
Disc 2
  1. Chaos: Trayus
  2. Chaos: Aphasia
  3. Chaos: Insurrection

onsdag 19. september 2012

Circus Maximus - Nine - 2012

Band: Circus Maximus
Album: Nine
Country: Norway

Release date: June 1, 2012
Label: Frontiers Records
Genre: Progressive Metal
Existed since: 2000


After 2 great first albums, Circus Maximus is back w their third release. Like their previous' its quality throughout. Michael Eriksen has a great lead, n rest of the band is just top notch. Clearly one of the top prog metal albums this year. Musically i would say they're somewhere between Dream Theater and Symphony X, with their own unique sound. Related bands would be Spheric Universe Experience, who just released a new album, and Seventh Wonder, w vocalist Tommy Karevik, new lead in Kamelot.

Album musicians:
Michael Eriksen - vocals
Truls Haugen - drums
Mats Haugen - guitars
Glen Cato Møllen - bass
Lasse Finbråten - keyboards

  1. Forging
  2. Architect Of Fortune
  3. Namaste
  4. Game Of Life
  5. Reach Within
  6. I Am
  7. Used
  8. The One
  9. Burn After Reading
  10. Last Goodbye

Previous albums:
The 1st Chapter, 2005
Isolate, 2007

tirsdag 18. september 2012

Christian Muenzner - Timewarp - 2011

Band: Christian Muenzner
Album: Timewarp
Country: Germany

Release date: April 29, 2011
Label: Self release
Genre: Progressive Metal, Technical Death Metal, Neoclassical, Instrumental
Existed since: 2011


Obscura guitarist Christian Muenzners first solo album, which was released spring last year, showcases great guitar techniques. Its a varied album, stretching from soft metal like neoclassical to more brutal death metal.
With him on this album is Obscura/Blotted Science drummer Hannes Grossmann n super bassist Steve DiGiorgio of Sadus, Death, Soen. Theres also lotsa top guitarists contributing on this album.

Album musicians:
Christian Muenzner - guitar
Hannes Grossmann - drums
Daniel Galmarini - keyboards
Steve DiGiorgio - bass
Jacob Schmidt - bass

Guest musicians:
Bob Katsionis - keyboards
Ryan Knight - guitar
Per Nilsson - guitar
Derek Taylor - guitar
Alex Guth - guitar
Victor "V. Santura" Bullok - guitar

  1. Maybe Tomorrow
  2. Confusion
  3. The Tell-Tale Heart
  4. Timewarp
  5. Victory
  6. Rocket Shop
  7. Soulmates
  8. Over The Mountains
  9. Wastelands
  10. Dawn Of The Shreds
  11. The Gunslinger
  12. Endless Caravan

mandag 17. september 2012

Devin Townsend - Epicloud - 2012

Band: Devin Townsend
Album: Epicloud (deluxe version)
Country: Canada

Release date: September 18, 2012
Label: InsideOut Music
Genre: Progressive Metal
Existed since: 1996


Devin is back w a standalone album after his 4-cd project which included Ki, Addict, Deconstruction n Ghost. Its still wellknown high-quality DT songs, which means well produced, good melodies, lotsa layers n flawless musicianship.
I think Anneke Van Giersbergens' voice suits the music very well, both when she does the lead vocal n when she choiring. I read somewhere that DT said he had incorporated more commercial structures in his music, but that doesnt mean its poppish, just not that heavy songs, even though u do find some industrial passages in a couple of the songs. All in all a very good album, which will get lotsa spins in my playlist.
The bonus cd includes only demo tracks.

Album musicians:
Devin Townsend – guitars, vocals, keyboards
Anneke Van Giersbergen – vocals
Ryan Van Poederooyen – drums
Brian Waddell – bass
Dave Young - guitars, additional keyboards


Disc 1
  1. Effervescent!
  2. True North
  3. Lucky Animals
  4. Liberation
  5. Where We Belong
  6. Save Our Now
  7. Kingdom
  8. Divine
  9. Grace
  10. More!
  11. Lessons
  12. Hold On
  13. Angel
Disc 2 (deluxe edition bonus)
  1. Believe
  2. Happy Birthday
  3. Quietus
  4. Heatwave
  5. Love Tonight
  6. The Mind Wasp
  7. Woah! No!
  8. Love And Marriage
  9. Socialization
  10. Little Pig

Album Stream

søndag 16. september 2012

In Mourning - The Weight Of The Ocean - 2012

Band: In Mourning
Album: The Weight Of Oceans
Country: Sweden

Release date: Apris 18, 2012
Label: Spinefarm Records
Genre: Melodic Death Metal, Progressive Metal
Existed since: 2000


Its no mystery why this album have done well on several top lists since its release, n constantly come up on my playlist. It seems like all songs on this record has been given enough time under their development to stand out on their own. Highly recommended for all fans of melodic death metal.

Album musicians:
Tobias Netzell - guitars, lead vocals
Christian Netzell - drums
Pierre Stam - bass
Björn Pettersson - guitars, vocals
Tim Nedergard - guitars

  1. Colossus
  2. A Vow To Conquer The Ocean
  3. From A Tidal Sleep
  4. Celestial Tear
  5. Convergence
  6. Sirens
  7. Isle Of Solace
  8. The Drowning Sun
  9. Voyage Of A Wavering Mind

Previous records:
Shrouded Divine, 2008
Monolith, 2010

From A Tidal Sleep


The Drowning Sun

lørdag 15. september 2012

Atoma - Skylight - 2012

Band: Atoma
Album: Skylight
Country: Sweden

Release date: Mars 4, 2012
Label: Napalm Records
Genre: Progressive/Space/Atmospheric/Post Metal
Existed since: 2011


Atoma was formed in 2011, when 4 of the members from the Doom metal band Slumber wanted to experiment w different soundscapes. The result is a lingering, yet beautiful album. They bring in apart from the space elements, both electronic n ambient sounds. I hear a strong influence from Dead Can Dance here.
Even if it is a very quiet album, there r death/doom metal elements incorperated and great progressive lines.
Highly recommended to anyone whose looking for good experimental, fusion metal or just wanna dream away on a journey between the stars...:)
They have allready begun on their second release, Nova, which will probably come out early next year.

Highly Recommended

Album musicians:
Ehsan Kalantarpour - vocals, keyboards
Siavosh Bigonah - bass
Markus Hill - guitar
Jari Lindholm - guitar
Oscar Borgenstam - drums
Christian Älvestam - guitars, vocals

  1. Atoma
  2. Skylight
  3. Hole In The Sky
  4. Highway
  5. Bermuda Riviera
  6. Resonance
  7. Solaris
  8. Rainmen
  9. Saturn & I
  10. Cloud Nine

sorry..only video i could find solaris clip :/

fredag 14. september 2012

Jeff Loomis - Plains Of Oblivion - 2012

Artist: Jeff Loomis
Album: Plains Of Oblivion
Country: USA

Release date: April 9, 2012
Label: Century Media
Genre: Progressive Metal, Instrumental
Existed since: 2005


Ex-Nevermore guitarist Jeff Loomis is out w his second solo album. w him is Mark Arrington, also late drummer of Nevermore. This album is for those of u who like the guitar playing virtously done. He displays some really nice techniques here, but instead of technique only, he transform it to some great melodious passages. Its not all instrumental. w him, except for some phenomenal guitarists, is Ihsahn n Christine Rhoades putting vocal flavor to it.

Album musicians:
Jeff Loomis - guitars
Mark Arrington - drums

Guest musicians:
Christine Rhoades - vocals
Vegard Sverre "Ihsahn" Tveitan - vocals
Marty Friedman - guitar solo
Tony MacAlpine - guitar solo
Chris Poland - guitar solo
Attila Vörös - guitar

  1. Mercurial (feat. Marty Friedman)
  2. The Ultimatum (feat. Tony McAlpine)
  3. Escape Velocity
  4. Tragedy And Harmony (feat. Christine Rhoades)
  5. Requiem For The Living (feat. Attila Vörös)
  6. Continuum Drift (feat. Chris Poland)
  7. Surrender (feat. Ihsahn)
  8. Chosen Time (feat. Christine Rhoades)
  9. Rapture
  10. Sibylline Origin


onsdag 12. september 2012

In The Silence - A Fair Dream Gone Mad

Band: In The Silence
Album: A Fair Dream Gone Mad
Country: USA

Release date: June 4, 2012
Label: Self release / Fat Cat Recording
Genre: Progressive metal
Existed since: 2009


"Ever closer" start of this album w a soft oftener be4 the guitars kicks in. Josh Burke has a really pleasant voice, n the melodies r great n the transitions goes smooth. Great debut for this american band.
Musically this reminds me of a softer variant of Redemption or Disillusion. Another band who comes to mind is norwegian Gazpacho which they share some of the more atmospheric passages with n the fact they dont have record label backing them.

Highly Recommended.

Album musicians:
Josh Burke - vocals, guitar
Nate Higgins - guitar
Dennis Davis - bass
Niko Panagopoulos - drums

  1. Ever Closer
  2. Seventeen Shades
  3. Serenity
  4. Beneath These Fallen Leaves
  5. Close To Me
  6. Endless Sea
  7. All The Pieces
  8. Your Reward

mandag 10. september 2012

Threshold - March Of Progress - 2012

Band: Threshold
Album: March Of Progress
Country: UK

Release date: August 24, 2012
Label: Nuclear Blast
Genre: Progressive metal, Progressive hard rock
Existed since: 1988


Its been 5 years since their last release, the excellent Dead Reckoning, 2007. U can hear they have used those years well to polish their new album. The songs r well thought out, great melodies, nice flow between the transitions in the melodies. A difference between the 2 albums would be where DR is faster n tighter, its more loosen up on this time. The production is good, musicianship is good, n Damian Wilsons vocal-lines holds a high standard.
Another album which comes to mind while listening to this, would be Shadow Gallerys Digital Ghosts, 2009.

Album musicians:
Karl Groom - guitars
Richard West - keyboards
Johanne James - drums
Steve Anderson - bass
Pete Morten - guitars
Damian Wilson - vocals

  1. Ashes
  2. Return Of The Thought Police
  3. Staring At The Sun
  4. Liberty, Complacency, Dependency
  5. Colophon
  6. The Hours
  7. That's Why We Come
  8. Don't Look Down
  9. Coda
  10. The Rubicon
  11. Divinity(bonus)

Soen - Cognitive - 2012

Band: Soen
Album: Cognitive
Country: Sweden

Release date: February 15, 2012
Label: Spinefarm Records
Genre: Progressive Metal
Existed since: 2010


Think this record is heavily influenced by Tool n Opeth. Vocalist Joel Ekelöf use occasionaly the same vocal techniques as Maynard n Åkerfeldt. Martin Lopez is also ex drummer for Opeth. Other parts of the music reminds me of the more experimental sides of Pain Of Salvation, maybe a bit folkish.
Super-bassist Steve DiGiorgio is also in the band, known from bands like Death, Testament n Sadus.

Album musicians:
Martin Lopez - drums
Kim Platbarzdis - guitar
Steve DiGiorgio - bass
Joel Ekelöf - vocals

  1. Fraktal (intro)
  2. Fraccions
  3. Delenda
  4. Last Light
  5. Oscillation
  6. Canvas
  7. Ideate
  8. Purpose
  9. Slithering
  10. Savia

søndag 9. september 2012

Psycroptic - The Inherited Repression - 2012

Band: Psycroptic
Album: The Inherited Repression
Country: Australia

Release date: February 7, 2012
Label: Nuclear Blast
Genre: Technical Death Metal
Existed since: 1999


Another good Australian band. Techdeathers Psycroptic gives us tight songs w Jason Peppiatt delivering great harsh vocal. The music drives forward w brothers Haley on guitar n drums. All tracks is of high quality, but as a negative, i would say there r not enough variety on this album. Still highly recommend for those who like technical metal w a unique sound.

Album musicians:
David Haley - drums
Joe Haley - guitar
Cameron Grant - bass
Jason Peppiatt - vocals

  1. Carriers Of The Plague
  2. Forward To Submission
  3. Euphorinasia
  4. The Throne Of Kings
  5. Unmasking The Traitors
  6. Become The Cult
  7. From Scribe To Ashes
  8. Deprivation
  9. The Sleepers Have Awoken

lørdag 8. september 2012

Giant Squid - Metridium Fields - 2006

Band: Giant Squid
Album: Metridium Fields
Country: USA

Release date: August 22, 2006
Label: Translation Loss Records
Genre: Progressive Rock/Metal, Post Metal, Sludge Metal
Existed since: 2002


Began listening to this band w their most recent full-length, The Ichthyologist, 2009, which was excellent.
This is a re-recorded version of their self-released debut album Metridium Field, 2004.
The slow, dirty melodies with Aaron Gregorys voice w the choir n the harsh vocal on top is pure enjoyment.

Album musicians:
Aurielle Gregory - vocals, guitar, banjo, Juno 106, Prophet 600, Moog Opus
Aaron Gregory - vocals, guitar, banjo, theremin
Bryan Beeson - bass
Michael Conroy - drums
Tim Conroy - trumpet

  1. Megaptera In The Delta
  2. Neonate
  3. Versus The Siren
  4. Ampullae Of Lorenzini
  5. Summit
  6. Eating Machine
  7. Revolution In The Water
  8. Metridium Field

Released records:
  • Monster In The Creek(ep), 2005
  • The Ichthyologist, 2009
  • Cenotes(ep), 2011

fredag 7. september 2012

The Safety Fire - Grind The Oceans - 2012

Band: The Safety Fire
Album: Grind The Ocean
Country: UK

Release date: April 10, 2012
Label: Inside Out Music
Genre: Progressive Metal, Djent
Existed since: 2006


The debut by british The Safety Fire is a blend of djent n more proggy rock/metal. Where other djent/deathcore bands tends to separate the hard n softer parts in the music, SF manage to get it at the same time.
I think Sean McWeeneys have great clean vocal, while his growling isnt that good, but all in all it works well w the music. The guitar work on this album is also very well done.

Album musicians:
Sean McWeeney - vocals
Joaquin Ardiles - guitars
Derya Nagle - guitars
Lori Peri - bass
Calvin Smith - drums

  1. Huge Hammers
  2. Floods Of Colour
  3. DMP (FDP)
  4. Anomolous Materials
  5. Animal King
  6. Circassian Beauties
  7. Sections
  8. Seagraves
  9. Grind The Ocean

Previous records:
  • Sections, 2008

Gorod - A Perfect Absolution - 2012

Band: Gorod
Album: A Perfect Absolution
Country: France

Release date: March 12, 2012
Label: Listenable Records
Genre: Technical Death Metal
Existed since: 1997


Their last full-length just blew me away n topped my 2009 list. This time around its less orchestral n more brutal, but still great melodies. I like the interaction between the 2 guitar players, n the tapping is just beautiful. Julien Deyres doing a great job on the vocal, delivering brutal vocal-lines.
They invited 2 guest musicians to deliver on this record, Christian Muenzner from another techdeath favourite of mine, Obscura, n Michael Keene from The Faceless.
There r no weak moments on this record, just put in on n enjoy every turn of the ride.

Album musicians:
Mathieu "Mat" Pascal - guitars
Ben Barby - bass
Sam Santiago - drums
Nicolas Alberny - guitar
Julien "Nutz" Deyres - vocals

Guest musicians:
Christian Muenzner - guitar solo
Michael "Machine" Keene - guitar solo

  1. Birds Of Sulphur
  2. Sailing Into The Earth
  3. Elements And Spirit
  4. The Axe Of God
  5. 5000 At The Funeral
  6. Carved In The Wind
  7. Varangian Paradise
  8. Tribute Of Blood

Previous records
  • Neurotripsicks, 2004
  • Leading Visions, 2006
  • Process Of A New Decline, 2009
  • Transcendence(ep), 2011

torsdag 6. september 2012

The Contortionist - Intrinsic - 2012

Band: The Contortionist
Album: Intrinsic
Country: USA

Release date: July 17, 2012
Label: Season Of Mist
Genre: Progressive Deathcore
Existed since: 2007


I began listening to this band just before the summer, with their previous release Exoplanet, which i think had some killer tracks n solid punch to it. This release is a total different experience. Its more ambient n softer, but still has some great deathmetal blended in.
I think lotsa deathcore band this days r widening their perspective n r looking for influences in different places, not only deathmetal n techdeath. I mentioned ambient before, but in some places on this record i even hear house influence n by that i dont mean the drumming n bass, but the sound. In the beginning of this millenium i was totally into the electronic scene n i dont know if they have listened to the same stuff i did, but i just wanna throw a electronic duo name out who i digged so much, Crazy Penis...crazy name, i know, but they were so good.
But there r a progressive techdeath band i hear lotsa influences from on this album n thats Cynic. Been a while since i listened to the Focus-album, but there r lot of Traced In Air here.
For ppl who like their deathcore hard throughout, this is not for u. If u looking for great melodies, relaxation n hardness, go check it out.

Album musicians:
Jonathan Carpenter - vocals, keyboards
Robby Baca - guitar
Cameron Maynard - guitar
Joey Baca - drums
Chris Tilley - bass

  1. Holomovement
  2. Feedback Loop
  3. Causality
  4. Sequential Vision
  5. Geocentric Confusion
  6. Dreaming Schematics
  7. Anatomy Anomolies
  8. Cortical
  9. Solipsis
  10. Parallel Trance

Previous records:
  • Shapeshifter(ep), 2008
  • Apparition(ep), 2009
  • Exoplanet, 2010

T.R.A.M. - Lingua Franca - 2012

Band: T.R.A.M.
Album: Lingua Franca
Country: USA

Release date: June 28, 2012
Label: Sumerian Records
Genre: Jazz fusion
Existed since: 2011


Great melodic n relaxing debut album from 4 talented guys. I havent listened that much to either Mars Volta or Suicidal Tendencies, so i cant say if it resembles those band, but i rly like Animals As Leaders debut, n they do have some similarties, except there r no metal here.
I would say that they taken much of their influences from the 70s jazz/rock fusion scene, but i cant point to which band excatly. All i can say, is that this is my kind of jazz, since im a big fan of those early bands, like Bacamarte, Sloche, Mahavishnu Orchestra n so on.

Album Musician:
Adrian Terrazas - saxophone, flute, bass clarinet, percussion
Javier Reyes - guitar
Tosin Abasi - guitar
Eric Moore - drums

  1. Seven Ways Till Sunday
  2. Consider Yourself Judged
  3. Endeavor
  4. Hollywood Swinging
  5. Inverted Ballad

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The Faceless - Autotheism - 2012

Band: The Faceless
Album: Autotheism
Country: USA

Release date: August 13, 2012
Label: Sumerian Records
Genre: Progressive Death Metal, Technical Death Metal
Existed since: 2004


The first 3 songs of this album, called Movement, reminds of the nordic metal scene with some Devin Townsend influence put in. The first maybe finnish, the second swedish and the third norwegian. Since i am norwegian i recognize the norwegian band influence the best, with lotsa Enslaved, a bit Dimmu Borgir/Sahg, a few vocal lines ala Roy Khan, former Kamelot vocalist and Ihsahn.
I really like the guitar work on this album, some of the solos are just orgasmic.
Accelerated Evolution got loads of Devin Townsend influences in it, n its also named after his 2003 album.
Also lots of Opeth influences throughout the album, n even a bit Alcest put into the mix.
Overall a really good album, n highly recommended if your into either of the influences i mentioned above.
As a negative i would say they doesnt got a clear enough voice/sound of their own, n sounds as a mixtures of different bands in the prog/death/tech scene.

Album musicians:
Geoffrey Ficco - vocals
Michael "Machine" Keene - guitars, vocals
Wes Hauch - guitars
Lyle Cooper - drums
Evan Brewer - bass

  1. Movement I: Create
  2. Movement II: Emancipate
  3. Movement III: Deconsecrate
  4. Accelrated Evolution
  5. The Eidolon Reality
  6. Ten Billion Years
  7. Hail Silence
  8. Hymn Of Sanity
  9. In Solitude

Previous records:
  • Akeldama, 2006
  • Planetary Duality, 2008

onsdag 5. september 2012

The Korea - Chariots Of The Gods - 2012

Band: The Korea
Album: Chariots Of The Gods
Country: Russia

Release date: January 15, 2012
Label: Self-release
Genre: Deathcore, progressive metalcore, djent
Existed since: 2003

Official site

download album for free here

The intro of this album reminds about the beginning of an old Roadrunner band named Thorn. It got this ambient, arabic sound to it n echoing guitar.
Im not so familiar with russian bands, so listening to this album was a great surprise. They got a real punch in their music n there r no weak songs on this album. Good workmanship throughout. They sing in russian, but i really dont mind. The vocalist has a good growl n his clean voice is good aswell.

Album musicians:

Ilya Sannikov - vocals
Eugene Potekhin - guitar, vocal
Alexander Kuznetsov - guitar
Ruslan Latypov - bass
Sergey Kuznetsov - drums

  1. Cobra
  2. Waterline
  3. Manuscript
  4. Zombie
  5. Neva
  6. I've Got What You Waiting For
  7. Armada
  8. Valhalla
  9. Judas Kiss
  10. Chaos Theory
  11. On The Home Way

Previous records:
  • On The Broken Wings, 2006
  • The Pulse, 2007